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QuikEval is a market-leading web-based Job Evaluation system that consistently

produces accurate & reliable Job Evaluation (grading) results for

organisations across Africa.



Emergence Growth Human Capital is one of Africa’s premier HR consultancies, which, together with our international partner, Birches Group, has a footprint in over 50 African countries and over 150 countries globally.

As members of the Institute of Management Consultants, consultants of Emergence Growth must have: the appropriate skills; provide outstanding service; abide by a strict code of ethics and standards. We believe that relationships with clients are built through providing superior service, and delivering practical and innovative solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation.Our consultants have consulted to over 2500 organisations both locally and globally.We have offices in a number of African countries staffed by locally empowered employees.


Job Evaluation

  • Indicates the relative ‘size’ or ‘weight’ of a job
  • Jobs are ranked in terms of complexity
  • Does not look at the volume of work assigned to a person but rather the demands, complexity, responsibility and competencies required
  • Provides a basis for designing an equitable pay structure: internal and external equity
  • The position is graded and NOT the person in the position i.e. do not look at personal attributes, merits and performance
  • Observes grading rules, therefore eliminates potential subjectivity


Paterson Method

To ascertain the relevance of the Paterson system of Job Evaluation, it is useful to note the origins of the system.
The Paterson Job Evaluation plan was developed by Dr. T. T. Paterson when he was Professor at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. The system was developed over a period of 15 years, during which he examined the characteristics of WORK and PAY.

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“This system is so easy to use and gives us a much better understanding of the various grades and levels of staffing capabilities.”

Relationships and superior service form the cornerstone of Emergence Growth. We support organisations operating & expanding throughout Africa, through our Pan-African Human Capital reach and expertise.