About QuikEval

QuikEval has been developed to ensure that the objectives of Job Evaluation are met in a way that is accurate, defensible, cost effective & consistent. The system has been implemented in a number of countries, and across a range of industries. It is common for Job Evaluation experts, Job Evaluations Committees and HR Departments to seek a web-based job evaluation system.


The benefits of utilising QuikEval include:

  • Accurate & defensible job evaluation results are produced;
  • Consistency in application of job evaluation rules – specialist roles are evaluated as effectively as non-specialist roles (all roles are evaluated using the same methodology);
  • Cost effectiveness through reduced evaluation time and technical training;
  • Reduced dependency on consultants;
  • The role and not the person is evaluated (mitigates subjectivity);
  • Reduces subjectivity;
  • Internationally recognised, and can be effectively used across multiple regions & industries;
  • Access levels are maintained; and
  • Version control.


Additional features of the system:

Utilising feedback from our clients, we have incorporated a number of useful features within QuikEval, all designed with the aim of making your life easier. Some of the features include:

  • Ability to upload your company specific pay scale;
  • Compare individual pay against your current pay scale;
  • Can be utilised by a Job Evaluation committee;
  • Supporting documents (profiles & organisation structures) are stored in the system;
  • Simplified implementation – web-based system;
  • System training is included as standard (½ a day);
  • No limitation to the number of users who are able to access the system;
  • No limitation to the number of Job Evaluations conducted;
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel & Adobe PDF;
  • Add OFO codes through the OFO code generator built into the system;
  • For each evaluation, email statements selected (audit trail) to others; and
  • View a complete archive of roles previously evaluated in the system.