Adaptive leadership is an approach to making progress on the most important challenges You face! The concepts, tools, and tactics in the course aim to help you mobilize toward some collective purpose, a purpose that exists beyond your own individual ambition.

This course is geared towards underpinning good leadership/management practices and development as well as promoting an understanding of Adaptive Leadership styles.

This course is designed to introduce the participants to collaborative leadership styles and assists Leaders in understanding the essential differences between technical and adaptive challenges they face on an on-going basis.

The course consists of 3 modules (theoretical and practical applications in the form of discussions and case studies) and is presented over three days.


People commit and bring far more to the work place, when they are “invited” to do so using a coaching approach. Emergence Growth has developed an easy to use, but powerful coaching model and process that managers can utilise to improve performance and develop high performing teams.



The learning approach is based on factors that make learning successful and include:

  • The need for measurement to hold participants accountable and to celebrate success
  • The customisation of the role plays and case studies to mirror the realities of the organisation
  • The introduction of a strong post training support process to enable managers as coaches back in the work place


This three day training program, links practical leadership theories to dynamic team leading.  Working through practical challenges and managing the reality of harnessing the best out of teams, this course covers the essential skills and personal qualities to produce highly effective supervisors.  Delegates are facilitated through a series of practical and straightforward methods to lead, organize and motivate others in order to achieve outstanding performance and results.



  • Identifying your personal leadership style and understanding its impact on others – through the application of the Personality Compass.
  • Know how to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of the people you manage.
  • Lead and manage change successfully, within the business and how to manage resistance to change.
  • Manage and organize your resources to achieve business results.
  • Deal with conflict in the workplace in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Develop the performance of others through coaching and on the level feedback.